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About The Metro Theme

The Metro Theme is a cool and flexible multi-zone theme for Orchard CMS, it's based on 20 collapsible widget zones. Metro Theme is an evolution of Mango Theme, it try to overcome the shortcomings of last.
Next time Mango Theme could improve for this.. they are two sides of the same coin ;) 

Original creator and designer: Marco Siniscalco

Project Status

The Metro Theme is currently in version 0.6.0 (alpha).
The aim of the project is to produce a good Metro Style Theme for Orchard CMS, so we hope to receive feedback and suggestions by the community to improve the final product.
You can download a sample of use in the downloads section.
We encourage interested developers to check out the source code here.

Some pictures of the theme in action

Below you can see Light and Dark view samples of theme

Metro Theme for Orchard Light Blue

Metro Theme for Orchard Dark Green

Metro Theme has a simple view that you can use for customize some aspects of the theme (the customizable options will be to grow in the next versions).

Metro Theme for Orchard Base Settings Page

Metro Theme for Orchard Custom CSS Page

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